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Bee Bag

Each Mixed Bundle comes with 3 bags of various sizes. 


An eco-friendly alternative to single use paper and plasic.


100% cotton lined with a food safe waterproof fabric (PUL).

Bags have a fold over design that allows them to be easily secured.


And unlike other reusable bags these allow for meat storage due to the fact they can be thoroughly washed (instruction below).


Bag Dimensions:

Small - 6"x5" (snack size)

Medium - 7"x7.5" (sandwich size)

Large - 8"x8.5" (travel size)


Care/Cleaning Instructions: 

(1) Turn inside out, wipe with damp towel or rinse, then air dry OR

(2) Put in the washing machine and then dry on medium or low setting. 


*Each Bag is made to order*


Bee Bag

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